“Discuss your methods for assessment You need to have good knowledge of the skills and capabilities of both staff and children within your school in order to be confident when talking about progression..” – John Wheeldon Primary Academy in Stafford.

PE Class Book

Develop teacher – child progressive PE relationship

The PE class book was created to give PE a presence in the classroom. Designed to be annotated mostly by the children themselves, the book will track your classes’ PE journey. whilst also aiding the teacher, in developing an effective progressive relationship within PE. The book is divided into school term sections and can be made into a colourful presentation of your year of physical education. Pages included the the PE class book are:

  • Photographic Evidence Pages
  • Goal Setting and Lesson Comment Pages
  • Certificate Pages
  • Out of school Sport Achievement Pages
  • Physical Activity Tracking Pages
  • Interactive Colouring Active Pages

“Have you got better at teaching P.E? How does CPD work in P.E at this School?..” – Common question asked in a PE OFSTED deep dive.

PE Starter PAck

Lesson cards and starter pack to teaching PE

These resources are used in our CPD programmes but can be bought on their own to help you develop your PE teaching! 10 lesson cards are included in the pack, that shows how PE sessions can be adapted specifically for the children you teach (reception to Year 6). What’s included in the pack:

  • Child development 4 Corner’s of PE Resource
  • Whole school Development Template
  • JCPE Planning Template 
  • 10 Lesson Cards involving JCPE philosophy
  • The Practice Spectrum 
  • Professor Steve Peters: The Chimp Paradox Book

Need PE CPD or PPA assistance?

One of the main challenges teachers have in primary school  is lesson design for PE. 

Using Basketball To Teach Evading

Differentiation Infographic

JCPE Resources

We offer some free resources to help with your PE teachings and will also give you a small insight into how and what we teach. As you can see just to the left, there are some free resources for you to download and keep on your own library. Make sure to check in and see if new resources have been added. Follow JCPE on social media platforms to stay up to date and to make sure you don’t miss out on any free giveaways!