Get teaching EFFECTIVELY 

We prioritise “how we teach PE” rather than “what we teach”

That means further developed fundamental skill movements (FMS), higher physical activity levels and appropriate PE challenge for all. We can achieve this through teacher CPD or PPA cover. What ever it is, we’ll get it done.

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How we Teach


“Joe is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about sport and PE within schools. He is very supportive when planning and delivering lessons and gave thoughtful and useful feedback to further develop my PE sessions. Joe is passionate about letting the children learn from their “mistakes” and encourages children to try out challenges knowing that is fine to fail and that it is a learning experience.  He appreciates the importance of mental health and drives the message forward that mental health is equally important as physical health. I would recommend Joe to any school and they would be lucky to have him as part of any CPD”

Cat Finnerty – Year 4 teacher 

“Joe has helped me simplify my PE lessons, I now plan simple, progressive PE lessons that I know my children will love and will be challenged! Would recommend to anyone who wants a bit of support in PE.


Mike Robertson – Year 2 Teacher

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For The Win!


For primary school teachers, we have a variety of CPD resources. We will assist school staff in PE via INSET training, twilights training, and in-lesson CPD assistance.

Our most popular CPD programme is our in-lesson support. This is a tailored programme for whatever the teacher needs. The programme will help with planning, delivery and reflection of PE using a team teach environment. 

JCPE will tailor any of our CPD programmes specially for the schools or teacher’s needs.

Availability and prices will vary depending on what is required and where your school is located. To get a quote please register your interest with us but general prices can be seen by pressing the information button below.



JCPE also offer PE cover for PPA and will be lead by Joe himself. Needs analysis meeting required before PPA cover can begin.

JCPE can guarantee that your PE will be lead by a university graduate. Many companies can only offer a Level 2 sports coach, we believe this can be the difference between providing your children with effective learning in PE.

Availability and prices will vary depending on what is required and where your school is located. To get a quote please register your interest with us. 

JCPE can also guarantee that your PE will be planned, delivered and assessed at the highest level, using the most recent academic sports/PE research.


What can you expect as a result of choosing JCPE? 

We want to boost children’s’ self-esteem, motivation, problem-solving abilities, cognitive skills and fundamental movements. All of which will assist the development of well-rounded children.

Using the most recent scholarly literature, we will ensure that our own approach to PE is modern and creative.

The JCPE philosophy will let children in having fun in PE, teachers to be imaginative in lesson design and for the whole school to be progressive in their PE journey. 

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